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University of Technology, Jamaica - Master of Business Administration


The Master of Business Administration course of study aims at keeping the participants current by improving their opportunity for employment and advancement in their organization, increasing their earning potentials and improving their confidence level.

At the end of the course, graduates are equipped with practical skills backed by sound theoretical knowledge. This will enable aspiring managers to develop comprehensive analytical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills that can be creatively applied in the real business environment. It is the combination of these factors that gives the MBA Course of study the distinct “cutting-edge” in graduate business education.

  • Listing ID: 4359
  • Institution Category: Universities
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Field of Study: Business and Management
  • Awarding Body: University of Technology, Jamaica
  • Qualification Level:
  • Education Sector: Higher Education
  • ISCED Code: 04 Business Administration and Law- 041 Business Administration- 0413 Management and Administration
  • Qualification Developer: School of Advanced Management, University of Technology
  • Quality Assurance Body: University Council of Jamaica
  • Entry Requirements: The minimum requirement for admission is an undergraduate degree with a GPA of at least 2.7 and above. Additionally, matriculation requirements may be determined by Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) through the Office of Teaching and Learning.
  • Number of Credits: 39
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