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NVQ Level 3 Agriculture Extension Services


This qualification is for persons pursuing the qualification for Agricultural Extension Services Level 3 who have successfully completed the qualification for NVQ-J Level 2 General Agriculture. Agricultural extension is a service-related process in which the professional agriculturalists train/teach farmers certain production and rearing techniques; do constant visits to motivate and supervise until the techniques are mastered, and then do monitoring to ensure that the practices taught are adopted and integrated into the production cycles. The participant trained in NVQ Level 3 Agricultural Extension Services is a practitioner armed with a wide range of agricultural experiences spanning various fields of Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Horticulture, Soil Sciences, Extension Methods, Rural Sociology, Research Methods, and Climate Change. This technical training in Agriculture is the basis for the advice and training the farmer will receive.

Persons who complete this qualification can be employed in the following jobs: Crop Production Supervision, Agricultural Assistant, Research Assistant, Livestock supervisor.

Career path: Persons completing NVQ Level 3 in Agriculture Extension Services Attendance may work in the field
or continue to a recognized higher-level tertiary institution.

  • Listing ID: 3832
  • Institution Category: Specialised Institutions
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Field of Study: Agricultural Management
  • Awarding Body: NCTVET
  • Qualification Level:
  • Education Sector: Technical and Vocational
  • Qualification Code: AGG30117
  • ISCED Code: 08 Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries & Veterinary- 081 Agriculture- 0811 Crop & Livestock Production
  • Qualification Developer: NCTVET Occupational Standards Development Department
  • Quality Assurance Body: NCTVET
  • Entry Requirements: NVQ Level 2 in General Agriculture

    Individuals may enter NVQ level 3 in Agricultural Extension Services after completing NVQ Level 2 in General Agriculture or with other equivalent vocational experience and qualifications. Where lower-level qualification plans exist, these MUST be completed. Otherwise, evidence for competencies equivalent to lower-level qualifications must be provided at registration/prior to commencement of the program/before certification.
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