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Frequently Asked Questions

Qualifications Registry of Jamaica

Are qualifications recognised under the NQF-J accepted by relevant professional bodies for membership?

Answer: The relevant professional bodies must be contacted to ascertain what qualifications are recognised for membership.

What is the Registration Validity Period for each qualification placed on the framework?

Answer: Each Qualification placed on the framework is valid for a maximum of five years.

How do I confirm that an advertised qualification is recognised under the Qualification Framework?

Answer: Each qualification recognised under the National Qualification Framework (NQF) has a unique registration number attached to it. This must match the ones officially used by higher education institutions.

Are Qualifications published by the Qualifications Registry of Jamaica monitored?

Answer: Yes. All registered qualifications are monitored by J-TEC for continuing consistency with the relevant and applicable standards.  Institutions and organisations are required to notify J-TEC in writing if there are any changes in the design and structure of a registered qualification.

What is the purpose of the NQF-J?

Answer: The purpose of the NQF-J is to facilitate the transformation of the education system by:

  • Promoting articulation and creating alternative pathways for entry into and for the pursuit of tertiary education
  • Determining comparability of awards
  • Determining placement of qualifications on the Framework
  • Encouraging lifelong learning
  • Facilitating mature entry
  • Promoting quality in the education and training system.

What is the structure of the NQF-J?


  1. The National Qualifications Framework of Jamaica consists of eight (8) levels and two (2) access points. The levels of the NQF-J are entitled “Levels 1 to 8”
  2. Each level is described by learning outcomes in terms of:
    • Knowledge and Understanding
    • Application and Practice
    • Autonomy and Responsibility
    • Life Skills

Are qualifications registered at the same NQF-J level considered equivalent?

Answer: Qualifications registered at the same level are not automatically equivalent. The levels indicate similar learning outcomes for learners.

How does an institution get their programmes/ qualifications listed on the NQF-J?

Answer: Institutions may apply to have their qualifications registered on this website by going to “register a qualification: Guidance for application” section

Is there a cost for being listed on the QRJ?

Answer: No, there is currently no cost to listing Qualifications on the QRJ

How does an individual access the Qualifications Registry?

Answer: Individuals may use the search a course tab on the home page of this site to access the registry.

If I wish to study abroad (outside of Jamaica) will I find information on foreign qualifications and or institutions on the NQF-J?

Answer: No, only qualifications offered in Jamaica are recognised under the NQF-J, and listed in the Qualifications Registry of Jamaica

How frequently is the NQF-J updated?

Answer: The NQF-J is reviewed every three years.