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University of the West Indies - Bachelor of Science in Biology with Education


The BSc. im Biology with Education is offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Humanities and Education (FHE). The programme is designed to provide educators with a solid foundation in selected aspects of plant and animal science and expose students to the practice of science pedagogy.

The focus is on Biology with less emphasis on education courses as it is aimed at students lacking in biology but who, through experience or previous courses, had exposure to the requisite teaching skills. The development of teaching skills with a strong background in the Biological Sciences is the primary focus.

  • Listing ID: 5353
  • Institution Category: Universities
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Field of Study: Science and Technology
  • Awarding Body: The University of the West Indies
  • Qualification Level:
  • Education Sector: Higher Education
  • ISCED Code: 05 Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics- 051 Biological and Related Sciences- 0511 Biology
  • Qualification Developer: The University of the West Indies
  • Quality Assurance Body: University Council of Jamaica (UCJ)
  • Entry Requirements: BIOL0011 & BIOL0012 OR CAPE Biology (Units 1 & 2)
  • Number of Credits: 60 Advanced credits in addition to the requisite courses offered by the department of Education (FHE).
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