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Excelsior Community College - Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems


A graduate of the program should be able to:

1.      Design, produce, test, implement and maintain websites
2.      Produce applications for mobile devices
3.      Maintain the integrity and security of a database
4.      Perform data warehousing and data-mining activities
5.      Design, develop, implement and test software applications, database management systems, and Local Area Networks
6.      Work as part of a team to manage an information systems project
7.      Operate ethically and with consideration to data security standards.

  • Listing ID: 3280
  • Institution Category: General Higher Education Colleges
  • Field of Study: Information Technology
  • Awarding Body: Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica
  • Education Sector: General Education
  • Qualification Number: 104
  • ISCED Code: 06/061/0612
  • Qualification Developer: Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica
  • Quality Assurance Body: University Council of Jamaica
  • Entry Requirements: Associate Degree offered by the CCCJ in an area relevant to intended programme of study
    Equivalent qualification(s) as determined by the CCCJ
    5 CSEC including Math & English Language (upon enrollment to the Associate Degree)
    PLAR Assessment for students who meet mature entry requirements
  • Number of Credits: 69
Contact details

Excelsior Community College 137 Mountain View Avenue, Kingston 3Excelsior Community College,876 876928570 zaria.malcolm@ecc.edu.jm http://ecc.edu.jm

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