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NCTVET-NVQ Level 6 TVET Management


Who is this qualification for:
This Level 6 Postgraduate Diploma in TVET Institution Management is designed for individuals interested
to lead and manage an institution or programmes for the TVET environment. The objective of this training
package is to allow leaders and other senior personnel to gain mastery in the complex and the digital
specialised skill set relating to managing the various modalities in the TVET environment.
Upon entering this qualification learners should possess a broad scope of the foundational competencies
obtained from the NVQ-J Level 5 in TVET Instructions/Delivery, or its equivalent or work experience
equivalent at a Level 5 certification.
The value of this qualification is to provide the educational sector with trained graduates with the relevant
advanced skill set and practical experience gained from research, self and directed study. Additionally,
graduates will be able to progress within the TVET system or advance to other relevant related courses.
Qualification Description:
This Level 6 Post Graduate Diploma in TVET Institution Management aims to provide learners with the
management and leadership competencies that should stimulate engagement, develop challenging yet
constructive discourse. Learners will reflect on their own performance in preparation for managing a
TVET institution or programme initiative. Additionally, the programme will expose learners to autonomous
and independent learning, which will facilitate the development of their skills, experiences and techniques
required as they progress from one level of study to the next.
The scope of the qualification covers both technical and non-technical competencies at the Level 6.
Learners will build on the technical competencies garnered at the level 5 and will require to perform more
complex and specialized tasks to effectively lead and manage within the TVET environment.
Learners will cover clusters/modules geared towards preparing them to: Develop policies and procedures;
Quality Management systems; Lead and Manage a TVET Training Systems; Manage the Assessment
System and Services; Apply Project Management Skills; Apply Research Methodologies; Apply Human
Resource management Skills; Foster innovation and Change; Develop Financial Acumen, Optimise
Digital Technology, Applying Life and Career Skills and Manage Own Professional Development
Upon completion of this qualification graduates will be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge relating to
managing a digital TVET environment. They will be able to communicate accurately and appropriately
and possess the qualities needed for employment or to establish a business within the TVET environment
that require high degree of personal responsibility. They will develop a range of transferable skills to
ensure effective teamworking, critical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities.
Qualification Value:
Having completed this NVQ-J Level 6 Qualification, candidates will be awarded a Post Graduate Diploma
which is regionally and internationally accepted. It provides a basis for matriculation and is an alternate
route to higher education. This qualification is equivalent to a Post Graduate Diploma on the Integrated
Qualifications Framework of Jamaica.

  • Listing ID: 5837
  • Institution Category: Specialised Institutions
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Field of Study: Education Management
  • Awarding Body: NCTVET
  • Qualification Level: Level 6 - Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma
  • Education Sector: Technical and Vocational
  • Qualification Code: CSE60323
  • ISCED Code: 04 Business Administration and Law- 041 Business Administration- 0413 Management and Administration
  • Qualification Developer: NCTVET
  • Quality Assurance Body: NCTVET
  • Entry Requirements: learners should possess a broad scope of the foundational competencies
    obtained from the NVQ-J Level 5 in TVET Instructions/Delivery, or its equivalent or work experience
    equivalent at a Level 5 certification.
  • Number of Credits: 148
Contact details

National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET), Gordon Town Road, Kingston 6NCTVET 876-994-3278-5 irm_nctvet@heart-nta.org

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