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The Associate of Arts in Visual Art is a two-year programme, designed to provide the student
with skills and knowledge through organized structural learning. The purpose of the art courses is
to introduce the students to a broader view of life as well as prepare them for employment
opportunities in art.
1. Students will be highly trained for international recognition as artists and art teachers.
2. Students will be equipped to work as assistant curators in galleries, docents, illustrators, and
resource persons for the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), Institute of Jamaica,
and National Library of Jamaica.
3. With a sound understanding of the relevant skills and theories, students can work as
professional full-time painters or as artists in residence in various organizations, as gallery
owners and occupational therapists in mental institutions and convalescence homes.
4. The associate degree will serve as the foundation for advanced studies in the field of art.
5. The degree will provide a core of knowledge that will enable the degree holders to plan and
execute seminars and workshops effectively.
DURATION: Two (2) years plus the included Summer Session
The Associate of Arts in Visual Art amasses a total of seventy-two (72) credit hours (to include 36
core requirements, nine (9) cognates and twenty-seven (27) general education requirements.


  • Listing ID: 4145
  • Institution Category: Universities
  • Institution Type: Private
  • Field of Study: VISUAL ARTS
  • Awarding Body: Northern Caribbean University
  • Qualification Level:
  • Education Sector: Higher Education
  • ISCED Code: 02 Arts & Humanities- 021 Arts- 0211 Audio-visual techniques & Media Production
  • Qualification Developer: Northern Caribbean University
  • Quality Assurance Body: UCJ
    In addition to the University requirements, a student who desires to do the Associate of Arts in
    Visual Art must have at least five (5) CSEC or GCE external passes which should include Art
    (grades I, II, or III in CSEC and A, B or C in GCE) Mathematics, English and two others, or any other
    equivalent certification.
  • Number of Credits: 72
Contact details

Manchester Road, Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.Northern Caribbean University 18765663088 vivienne.quarrie@ncu.edu.jm https://www.ncu.edu.jm

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