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University of Technology, Jamaica - Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


The Diploma in engineering is a 3 year program offered through the Faculty of Engineering and Computing and qualifies a learner to effectively function at the Technician level in the industry. The Diploma graduate will have:

  • An ability to function on multidisciplinary teams.
  • An understanding of ethical responsibilities.
  • An ability to communicate effectively.
  • A recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in lifelong learning.
  • A knowledge of contemporary issues.
  • An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for technician engineering practice.
  • Listing ID: 4437
  • Institution Category: Universities
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Field of Study: Engineering
  • Awarding Body: University of Technology, Jamaica
  • Qualification Level:
  • Education Sector: Higher Education
  • ISCED Code: 07 Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction- 071 Engineering and Engineering Trades- 0715 Mechanics and Metal Trades
  • Qualification Developer: School of Engineering, University of Technology, Jamaica
  • Quality Assurance Body: University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) and Professional Engineers Registration Board (PERB)
  • Entry Requirements: Four (4) CSEC/GCE O\'Level: English Language, Mathematics & Physics/ Electrical & Electrical Technology and one other subject (preferably technical) at prescribed level.
  • Number of Credits: 96-103
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