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University of Technology, Jamaica - Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration


The Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration Course of Study is designed specifically for a career in research and teaching or other academic pursuits by providing the following:

  • In depth-education in current and emerging theories
  • The development of skills in rigorous and practical research methodology
  • Training in teaching and communication skills
  • Supervision and guidance for the completion of a research course of study with potential for a significant contribution to management knowledge

The course of study will provide a foundation in business, economics and management. Equally important are the components of research theory and the type of interdisciplinary regimen that will be necessary for original research in the field.

  • Listing ID: 4362
  • Institution Category: Universities
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Field of Study: Business and Management
  • Awarding Body: University of Technology, Jamaica
  • Qualification Level:
  • Education Sector: Higher Education
  • ISCED Code: 04 Business Administration and Law- 041 Business Administration- 0413 Management and Administration
  • Qualification Developer: School of Advanced Management, University of Technology
  • Quality Assurance Body: University Council of Jamaica
  • Entry Requirements: The requirement for admission is a minimum GPA of 3.00 in all undergraduate and graduate courses of study.
  • Number of Credits: 90
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