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NCTVET - NVQ-J Level 3 in Additive Manufacturing Technology


Who is this qualification for: This NVQ-J Qualification is intended for individuals interested in pursuing a career path in additive manufacturing (3D printing). This qualification plan is aligned to WorldSkills occupational standards and will also be used to equip learners to participate in WorldSkills competitions. It provides individuals with the opportunity to develop and understand the technologies and core skills that underpin additive manufacturing technology. Additive manufacturing (AM) or additive layer manufacturing (ALM) is the industrial production name for 3D printing, a computer-controlled process that creates three-dimensional objects by depositing materials, usually in layers, using computer-aided design (CAD) or 3D object scanners.

Qualification Description: This qualification provides individuals with the foundational technical and non-technical skills and competencies for additive manufacturing technology-3D printing. These foundational competencies include the knowledge and skills components that will give individuals the fundamentals of 3D printing and include preparing drawings using computer-aided software, applying engineering principles, constructing 3D models, manufacturing objects by additive processes, and managing additive manufacturing projects.

Qualification Value: Having successfully completed this NVQ-J Level 3 Qualification, candidates will be awarded a Diploma, which is regionally and internationally accepted. It provides a basis for matriculation and is an alternate route to higher education. This qualification is equivalent to a Diploma on the Integrated Qualifications Framework of Jamaica.

After achieving this Level 3 Certificate in Additive Manufacturing Technology (MET30323), individuals could progress to a wide range of other qualifications in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology industry.

  • Listing ID: 5896
  • Institution Category: Universities
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Field of Study: Manufacturing Engineering
  • Awarding Body: NCTVET
  • Qualification Level: Level 3 - Certificate III/Diploma
  • Education Sector: Technical and Vocational
  • Qualification Code: MET30323
  • ISCED Code: 07 Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction - 071 Engineering and Engineering Trades - 0719 Engineering Trades not elsewhere classified
  • Qualification Developer: NCTVET
  • Quality Assurance Body: NCTVET
  • Entry Requirements: No prerequisite is required for this qualification.
  • Number of Credits: 119
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