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NVQ Level 5 Correctional Management


This qualification covers the advanced competencies relevant to Direct and manage the Correctional
environment within the National Security Industry. This qualification plan target directors, managers and
other senior personnel within the Department of Correctional Services. The plan focus on the Strategic
Leadership and Management; Organizational Risk, Safety and Security; Intervention for
Offenders; Investigation and Intelligence; Human Resources; Workforce Planning and Project
Persons who complete this qualification can be employed in the following jobs:
 Job title: Nil
 Job Qualifications include: Nil
 Career path – articulation and specialisation
After achieving this NSC50118 Certificate in Correctional Management Level 5, individuals could
progress to a wide range of other qualifications in other industry.

  • Listing ID: 3825
  • Institution Category: Specialised Institutions
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Field of Study: Services
  • Awarding Body: NCTVET
  • Qualification Level:
  • Education Sector: Technical and Vocational
  • Qualification Code: NSC50118
  • ISCED Code: 10 Services-103 Security services-1032 Protection of persons & property
  • Qualification Developer: NCTVET Occupational Standards Development Department
  • Quality Assurance Body: NCTVET
  • Entry Requirements: For this qualification plan the prerequisite(s) is/are:
     Bachelors’ Degree in Social Work or equivalent
     Industry related experiences
     NVQJ Level 4 in Correctional Administration
     NVQJ level 4 in Community Corrections & Probation Aftercare Services
    Individuals may enter level 5 Certification in Correctional Management with the relevant level 4 vocational
    experiences and qualification. Where lower level qualification plans exist, these MUST be completed.
    Otherwise evidence for competencies to lower level qualification must be provided at registration/prior to
    commencement of the programme/before certification.
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HEART NSTA Trust 6B Oxford Road Kingston 5NCTVET 876-906-3487 paulette_shand@heart-nta.org https://nqs-certification.heart-nta.org/qdocs.aspx

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